Mass Effect 2, take 2

Just wrapped up Mass Effect 2 for the second time.

- Starting to like FemShep more than male Shepard. People weren’t kidding about the (voice) acting being much better than male Shepard. (Fun fact: FemShep’s actress also voiced Samus Aran. Pretty appropriate if you ask me.)

- Is there anyway to keep Legion alive during/after the Suicide Mission if he’s not loyal (i.e. haven’t even done his loyalty mission)? Apparently Miranda can stick it out if she isn’t loyal, but that might be in response to the glitch between her conflict with Jack.

- Addendum: For all my white-knighting of Kelly Chambers (, I chose Legion’s safety over her life. Sorry, Chambers. I shouldn’t have been so hard on you for not feeding my fish.

- Tech Armor + Punching is my OTP

- I accidentally did The Arrival in the middle of the game. That’s what I get for downloading all the DLC at once and doing side missions willy-nilly.

- My girlfriend convinced me that Garrus is essentially the Alistair of Mass Effect - easygoing lawful-good that mans up (or rather, for Garrus, breaks bad) but is still a dork when it comes to sex and romance. Despite this, and being convinced that Thane is the superior catch, Garrus’ romance scene vindicated my choice.

- Liara and the Shadow Broker DLC: damn, girl. I hope to see more yahg in 3.

- Despite Zaeed being all BIG GODDAMN HEROES, I didn’t use him much. I wish there were more situations to properly/efficiently use Kasumi.

- I’d like the downloadable clothes for Jack and Thane if it weren’t for their stupid eyeware.

- Grunt is possibly Steve Blum’s most subtle and therefore best performance ever.

- After getting sneak peeks into Mass Effect 3, my theory about Cerberus seems more and more likely.

Let’s see how long it’ll take for me to into a Renegade relapse.